Fauxnadicure: Leopard Pweenz

What is a Fauxnadicure?

The brand that originally came up with the idea of nail stamping is Konad, which stands for Korean Nail Art Design. There are, however, many other manufacturers that started making the same thing but of different designs. From then on, these are called Fauxnad. In the nail polish blogging community, a manicure done with Konad is often called a Konadicure. Hence, if a manicure is done with Fauxnad then it will be called a Fauxnadicure πŸ˜€

What I used (L-R):

  • China Glaze Millenium
  • Bundlemonster BM 221
  • China Glaze Calypso Blue

Without topcoat

With topcoat

I love how fuss-free a Fauxnadicure is. This is really simple to do if you have all the tools (stamper, scraper, remover, cotton pads) and polishes that are opaque. For example, here I’m using China Glaze Millenium to stamp. It is a one-coater chrome polish that is very opaque, yet a little hard to work with because it dries lightning-fast. In nail stamping, the key to succeeding is to work really fast before the polish dries up on the plate or on the stamper (:

It is difficult for me to explain verbally on how to execute this but IF in future I do get enough requests, I may do up a tutorial on how to do a Konadicure/Fauxnadicure πŸ™‚

P.S Vicks I know you’ll be reading this and I know you’d love this so much! Hahaha!!


China Glaze Calypso Blue (Bahama Blues Collection)

If you already read my previous post, this is one of the newest polish in my collection πŸ˜€ I don’t think I can ever get enough of blues (and greens and purples. actually just polish in general lol) and currently I have 24 bottles of blue polish :O

China Glaze Calypso Blue is a very dark navy blue creme. This was one of the first few collections that China Glaze made that is Big 3 Free. You can read this post by Michelle from All Lacquered Up if you’re interested in the technicality of it. I mentioned that this was one of the first batches of Big 3 Free polishes because China Glaze couldn’t quite get the formula right then, hence this polish was watery, yet goopy and stringy when applied. It was unbelievably thick for a brand new polish so I had no choice but to thin it with my Seche Restore thinner.

After thinning, it became so smooth to apply! πŸ˜€ If I painted one coat very carefully I could get away with it, but I did two so that they will be more even. China Glaze has since reformulated their polish and most of the newer ones are a breeze to apply (:

This shade of dark navy blue is slightly darker in real life. It kinda looks like NARS Midnight Express after the application. It is also much darker as compared to OPI Dating A Royal. It still manages to be unique because although it is very dark, it doesn’t look black unlike how some dark polish shades appear to be. And this will be perfect as a stamping polish cos it’s so opaque!

Haul #1

I had a mini haul (ok not THAT mini hahaha) this week! Collected so many polishes from Genevieve haha! In future if I do have like a bulk of items coming in I’ll blog about it too so that you girls can expect what’s coming up in future πŸ˜€

(From L-R)

  • Milani Purple Outline (with a striper brush instead of a regular brush for nail art)
  • L.A Girl Animate (I expected this to be fuchsia and it turn out red but looks great anyway)
  • L.A Girl Uninhibited (BLACK GLITTER! Can’t wait to layer this over something!)
  • Milani Gems (just couldn’t resist. LOL)
  • Mood-changing polish in Teal (got it from F21.com. will update if it actually works!)

The China Glazes! (From L-R)

  • Papaya Punch (bright, almost neon orange)
  • Life Preserver (burnt orange is the IN colour now!)
  • Fairy Dust (pretty awesome holographic microglitter topcoat)
  • Calypso Blue (super dark blue)
  • Blue Island Iced Tea (half glass fleck, half foil?)

Look at how pretty Fairy Dust is from the bottle!!! /faints

Last but not least, I also received the new set of Bundlemonster stamping plates! There must be over a hundred designs in there and there are super alot of FULL NAIL PRINTS!! This set is much better than the old Bundlemonster set which I also have, because the full nail prints on the old set are smaller than these and I always have to double-stamp which sucks if I can’t match them up properly. I cannot wait to use all the designs!!

I now have a grand total of 53 plates omg. 25 from this new set, 21 from the old set, 4 from the original Konad brand, and 3 from an online supplier store. Don’t think I’ll ever be able to finish using them all!! O.O

Harry Potter Nails

I’m a big fan of Harry Potter and the seven books. To mark the end of the movie franchise, I just had to do a Harry Potter manicure to get myself hyped up. Anyway the movie was freaking awesome! I love it so much and was so happy to watch it but also very sad that it is over for real. It’s like a part of me is gone cos it all ends here ):

What I used (L-R):

  • MAC Creme Shirelle
  • Orly Luxe
  • Orly Liquid Vinyl
  • Essie Going Incognito
  • Zoya Trixie
  • Tape (not shown)
  • The Face Shop Nail Art Pen in Silver (not shown)

Slytherin flag colours on my left hand, with the Deathly Hallows symbol on my thumb.

Gryffindor flag colours on my right hand, and also the Deathly Hallows symbol on my thumb.

Now you know why I did swatches with my right hand, cos Creme Shirelle was on my right hand and Going Incognito was on the left! Hahahaha. I painted them the night before so that they had ample time to dry to the core, and the following day I cut up small squares of tape and taped off 2 corners on each nail to do this checkered pattern.

For the thumbs, I painted them black and drew the Deathly Hallows symbol with The Face Shop Nail Art Pen.

I can has the Resurrection Stone on my thumbs! It kinda looks like my primary school school crest right??? LOL

Hahaha see, the same shapes are used!! Lol!

It’s gonna truly end when I remove this manicure and do the next one ):

MAC Creme Shirelle

MAC Creme Shirelle is probably one of my oldest polishes! I love it soooooo much but I only have half a bottle left sadly ): I can’t find any swatches done by anyone as well! That’s just so weird cos nobody out there seems to own this too! Anyone knows of any dupes that I can replace it with in future?

Anyway, it is so old that the cap has caught on loads of dust and all but I have no idea how to get rid of it! I think MAC tried a little too hard to have some sort of rubberized cap (think Orly) but failed? Haha. I initially got a bottle of this for my best friend Jadyn for her 19th birthday (OMG that was SO long ago) and I ended up being tempted so I went to get myself a bottle too :X It is quite pricey, at SGD19 which is quite ridiculous for a normal creme polish but I just couldn’t resist, partly also cos the salesgirl told me it was discontinued. I think it’s a ruse to get me to purchase it though!! Not so dumb from now on anymore; I’ll always try to find dupes of colours I really love at the cheapest prices!

This was 2 coats. What a beautiful, perfect shade of red. I’m not usually a fan of red but it seems like I have been posting swatches on reds recently! Notice I took this swatch from my right hand? Haha it’s because of the nail art that I did and since I painted Creme Shirelle on my right hand, might as well take a photo and post it up as a swatch right? πŸ˜€ Any idea what nail art will I be doing with this? (Clue: Blockbuster movie for these few weekends!)

Will post up the nail art very soon, maybe after I wake up later πŸ˜€

Essie Going Incognito (Winter 2010 Collection)

Essie usually only does very boring reds, pinks and nudes, but when they do come up with funky colours like green, blue and purple, it’ll always be worthy to own them!

This was 2 coats. After putting it on, I realized it does kinda look like OPI Jade Is The New Black, which I’ve worn about half a year ago so no nice swatches. I’ll do a comparison the next time but let me try describing the difference. After observing them off my nail wheel, I found that Going Incognito is just very slightly darker than Jade Is The New Black. Going Incognito is also on the cooler side, while Jade Is The New Black is of a warmer tone.

Essie’s brushes are of medium length but very thin, so quite alot of strokes were needed for each nail, though it’s not an issue for me since I have pretty small nails. The formula for Going Incognito was slightly runnier than Jade Is The New Black. I love the Essie bottles so much cos of the embossed ‘essie’ on the bottle and the embossed ‘e’ on the top of the bottle cap! Overall, I prefer the darker shade of Going Incognito cos it just looks more mysterious!

OPI Guy Meets Gal-veston (Texas Collection)

I ruined my manicure at work two days ago because a retarded customer broke a bottle of nail polish and I had to clean up the mess using wet wipes which stained almost all the fingers on my right hand ): So, since I just received Guy Meets Gal-veston from Genevieve last week, I decided to give it a try!

Guy Meets Gal-veston is a coral red jelly. OPI calls it ‘sorbet’, I really have no idea why cos it’s just a normal sheer jelly! Trying to act cute by giving it a ‘different’ name, is it? Hahaha.Β Anyway, it is much cooler-toned than in my pictures. I’m super loving the squishy look that the jelly gives cos it is translucent. This was four coats because I hate seeing my visible nail line. The formula was smooth and easy to apply, but somehow I feel that OPI polishes do not dry as fast as all my other polishes and it chipped slightly within a few hours ):

Oh and did I mention how much I dislike the OPI brush? They use the Pro-Wide brush which is almost twice the width of the usual polish brushes and it is flat, unlike usual polish brushes which are round. I don’t like it because it is too wide to be used on my tiny nails, especially my little finger as the brush was of the same width as my nail! The flat and wide brush also means that it is hard to make the bristles fan out nicely to paint a nice curve at the cuticles. I am super anal about this because I hate messing up at my cuticles (which I rarely do anymore).

The reason why I call Guy Meets Gal-veston a jelly instead of a creme is because they have very obvious differences. Cremes are usually two-coaters but jellies usually need at least three coats. As you can see from the picture above, the metal mixing balls can be seen meaning that it’s very sheer. This usually doesn’t happen to cremes. So why do I choose to use a jelly instead of a creme? To me, a jelly looks more yummy and squishy than a creme, which looks more flat and lifeless hahaha. I think this is my next favourite red after China Glaze Ruby Pumps! πŸ˜€

If you’re my close friend, you’d know that I really dislike OPI on the whole because of how overhyped it is. Their recent collections are nothing but boring. People might think otherwise cos of the Shatters but I really am not a big fan of the crackle look. Besides, crackle has been around for the longest time, just that it wasn’t widely marketed hence the lack of knowledge of it, making people think that it’s some sort of new effect. That is why I only own the OPI Silver Shatter and China Glaze Crackle Glaze Lightning Bolt, a white crackle polish.

On the whole, I still very much prefer my holos, glitter and flakies! I’ll be posting swatches of those in time to come, plus videos of how they look when moving under light. I’m gonna be doing nail art again for the weekend pretty soon! It’s gonna be a cool one I promise so stay tuned! πŸ˜€

Zoya Faye (Sunshine Collection)

Zoya Faye is the first colour that I fell in love with from the Sunshine collection. I also own Tanzy and am hoping to get Rica and Apple in future!

Zoya Faye is a warm royal purple glass fleck glitter with duochrome gold/rose gold shimmer! It is so gorgeous in real life and has a very regal look to it. This was three coats. The first coat was pretty sheer but at the second coat it was nearly opaque. I just had to do three coats cos I’m like that. The formula is very smooth and buttery to apply, and I especially love the Zoya brushes cos their bristles are pretty short but they fan out easily due to its flexibility. It was very easy for me to paint a perfect curve at my cuticles (:

This picture is where you can see most of the purple and lesser of the duochrome gold shimmer!

Let me explain the term ‘duochrome’ to the people who don’t already know. A polish is considered a duochrome when you can see more than one colour when the light falls on the nails and changes when the light hits the nails at different angles. Multichromes are even more amazing. They usually flash at least four different colours and are VERY fascinating to look at!

I’ve already tried Tanzy but I need better swatches so maybe I’ll redo them in future! Can’t wait to order more polishes from Zoya when the Smoke and Mirrors collection becomes available!

Milani Blue Flash (One Coat Glitters Collection)

Milani Blue Flash is actually my third polish from the One Coat Glitter collection. I currently have three in possession: Blue Flash, Purple Gleam and Silver Dazzle. Genevieve ordered all these for me! In our first shipment I got Purple Gleam and Silver Dazzle, but between them I’ve only tried Purple Gleam so far butΒ I didn’t get good pictures out of it so I’ll redo the swatches another time!

Blue Flash was from one of our recent shipments and it looks so pretty in the bottle that I can’t resist wearing it! It sparkles so much even with low light and it blinds me when I’m out in the sun! I cannot stop staring at it hehe πŸ˜€

It is packed with loads of medium blue glitter, with some silver and probably some dark blue ones to give it the depth that it has. It, however, does not live up to its ‘one coat glitter’ description. At one coat, it does have pretty good coverage but I found that two coats makes it look perfect (: I have another blue glitter polish which is the OPI Simmer and Shimmer from the Burlesque collection.Β It looks more uninteresting as compared to this because there are too many colours of glitter mixed into the blue-based glitter. Blue Flash does look slightly like OPI Absolutely Alice from the Alice in Wonderland collection though, which is also another blue glitter polish which is of almost the same tone as Blue Flash, the only difference being that Absolutely Alice has sparse gold glitter mixed in.

Prepare to have to use more topcoat though, cos it’s quite gritty and it doesn’t shine as much without topcoat. And I’m pretty sure removal will be a pain in the ass as usual for glitter polishes (I’m still wearing it after 6 days)!

Shall spam the pictures now πŸ˜€

Under sunlight Under artificial light

Blurred to show how glittery it is!

All that awesome blue glitter πŸ˜€

I also made a video swatch of Blue Flash. You’ll be able to see how crazy it glistens in the light! (Sorry, for some weird reason Youtube made my video brighter. The colour is more true to the photo swatches!)

A small tip for Seche Vite topcoat users:
If you’re using Seche Vite topcoat, it’s best not to use more than one coat as it might cause shrinkage to the polish if you use too much or when used over dry polish. Seche Vite is meant to be used over wet polish, so shortly after you have applied your normal polishes without any glitters, use the topcoat to have the maximum result. Then you may ask what to do for glitter polishes. What I will do is that I will paint a layer of my Seche Clear basecoat over the fresh manicure first to fill up the gaps so that the surface will feel less gritty, and soon after I’d top it with Seche Vite. That should do the trick!

Nail Art

Nail art is pretty to look at, yet super tedious to execute. Since I’m a right-hander, it is always easier for me to draw nicely for the nails on my left hand, and those on my right hand always turn out so ugly cos I’ve lousy control over my left hand ): So far, I’ve done a couple of crazy-cute nail art for myself! Here are the pics (:

My very first full-fledged cartoon manicure, the Penguin Manicure! I think this was particularly challenging when I had to draw the nails on my right hand. It was so hard to get the ‘M’ shaped curve on top! But the final results was so awesome cos they turned out so cute! I got many many compliments for this! Haha.

What I used:

  • White: Sinful Colors Snow Me White
  • Black: The Face Shop nail art pen (this is surprisingly good! very fine and opaque but my friend accidentally spoilt it, haha)
  • Orange: OPI Flit A Bit
  • Pink: Orly Cotton Candy

The next nail art that I did was of Domo-kun! This was inspired from The Daily Nail! The most difficult part of this manicure was drawing those stupid white teeth!! My best friend, Jadyn and I spent so much time just helping each other draw the little triangles that made up the teeth cos the nail art pen kept stringing the polish (it probably is too thick).

For the mouth, we taped off the sides with tape and painted the little rectangle with red polish, but the polish kept sticking to the sides of the tape when I’m pulling the tape off! What a chore!! But I’m really glad it turned out so cute haha and yes, we both got many compliments for it too (:

Shaohui's Domo-kun ManicureMy sister, Shaohui did the Domos with us too but for her she only did the thumbs, and I wrote ‘Domo-kun’ in Japanese for the rest of her fingers (I can’t actually write Japanese, I copied it off Google Translate HAHA). It was very cute too!

What we used:

  • Brown: Nubar Milk Chocolate Creme
  • Red: MAC Creme Shirelle
  • Black (for the eyes): The Face Shop nail art pen
  • White: The Face Shop nail art pen
  • and loads of tape :p

After all that nail art (and how a chore it was to draw the same thing 10 times), I was sick of it and stopped doing nail art for 1.5 months. Partially also because I was waiting for my Zoya haul to arrive so that I can do some Pikachu nails!

Aren’t they cute?!?!?! Hahaha! These were inspired by Nails by Asami! By this time, my nail art pen was spoilt, so I wanted to use my dotting tool to draw the faces but it was so damn hard! I gave up and used markers to draw instead. LOL. It was super easy to do this set cos with markers the ink just flows easily, unlike using a nail art pen where I have to keep squeezing the tube to let the polish flow out, or using a dotting tool where I have to keep dipping it into the bottle so many times. The only downside of it was that I should have waited longer before painting topcoat, because it smudged some parts of my manicure ): But maybe I smudged it by spreading topcoat too many times at the same spot :/

What I used:

  • Yellow: Zoya Pippa
  • Red & Black: Pilot Twin Markers
  • White: The Face Shop nail art pen

Last but not least, I did Strawberry nails with Shaohui again! I wanted them to look upright when holding onto a polish bottle so I decided to paint the green first. What a bad idea this was. When the red went over the green, it became SO DULL! I had to paint an additional thick coat of it to make it look more opaque. The results were still awesome nonetheless! I can has cute strawbie nails πŸ˜€

What I used:

  • Green: Orly Fresh
  • Red: Eyeko Coral Polish
  • Silver: The Face Shop nail art pen

Sadly, once school starts I may not have a chance to spend 3 hours drawing on my nails anymore. But I can still Konad-stamp my nails πŸ˜€ Stay tuned for posts on my Konad-ed nails!