The Introductory First Post

I’ve finally gotten my nail polish blog up and running despite it being the last week of my school holidays (GASP). I procrastinated for the longest time to get the layout up and running and only did most changes last night hahaha.

If you just so happen to chance upon my blog and don’t already know who I am, let me introduce myself. I’m Shaomin, 22 years old this year and currently pursuing my final year in Business Management with RMIT. I have no idea why I ended up calling this blog ‘Manicure Mayhem’ but I guess it may be easier to ring a bell to my *ahem* future readers, somewhat like Vampy Varnish’s blog? Haha. Anyway, I currently own about 130 polishes from China Glaze, Orly, Zoya, Milani, etc. and I have a large drawer where I keep them with all my manicure needs. This number does not include the shitty polishes from various Korean cosmetic brands like The Face Shop, Missha, Beauty Credit, etc. In fact, I’ve already phased them out cos they don’t deserve any standing in my awesome polish drawer due to their lousy consistency and >4 coat application (ok kidding!).

As if 130 nail polishes isn’t enough (trust me, they will NEVER be enough hahahahaha), I just ordered more polishes from my equally polish-crazy friend, Genevieve (Nail Polish Addicts belongs to her!). The stash includes mostly China Glaze, one Essie, one OPI jelly (or what OPI calls ‘sorbet’), some Milanis and some L.A. Girl glitters! Super cannot wait for all of them to arrive haha but even if they don’t I still have plenty to try. I currently have 26 untrieds :O Everyone thinks I’m crazy!

I hope to be able to share my excessive love for polish in this blog! You will be able to see how hard I try to get my hands on all kinds of brands of polishes (like Zoya, Nubar, Nfu Oh etc.) since some brands are not readily available in Singapore; even if they are, they will be at super exorbitant prices (SGD18 for a Zoya? REALLY??). I have found an awesome website (not gonna reveal what site it is!) that sells Zoya at super affordable rates so you guys have to stay tuned cos I may even do sprees for Zoya polishes! (:


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