Milani Blue Flash (One Coat Glitters Collection)

Milani Blue Flash is actually my third polish from the One Coat Glitter collection. I currently have three in possession: Blue Flash, Purple Gleam and Silver Dazzle. Genevieve ordered all these for me! In our first shipment I got Purple Gleam and Silver Dazzle, but between them I’ve only tried Purple Gleam so far but I didn’t get good pictures out of it so I’ll redo the swatches another time!

Blue Flash was from one of our recent shipments and it looks so pretty in the bottle that I can’t resist wearing it! It sparkles so much even with low light and it blinds me when I’m out in the sun! I cannot stop staring at it hehe 😀

It is packed with loads of medium blue glitter, with some silver and probably some dark blue ones to give it the depth that it has. It, however, does not live up to its ‘one coat glitter’ description. At one coat, it does have pretty good coverage but I found that two coats makes it look perfect (: I have another blue glitter polish which is the OPI Simmer and Shimmer from the Burlesque collection. It looks more uninteresting as compared to this because there are too many colours of glitter mixed into the blue-based glitter. Blue Flash does look slightly like OPI Absolutely Alice from the Alice in Wonderland collection though, which is also another blue glitter polish which is of almost the same tone as Blue Flash, the only difference being that Absolutely Alice has sparse gold glitter mixed in.

Prepare to have to use more topcoat though, cos it’s quite gritty and it doesn’t shine as much without topcoat. And I’m pretty sure removal will be a pain in the ass as usual for glitter polishes (I’m still wearing it after 6 days)!

Shall spam the pictures now 😀

Under sunlight Under artificial light

Blurred to show how glittery it is!

All that awesome blue glitter 😀

I also made a video swatch of Blue Flash. You’ll be able to see how crazy it glistens in the light! (Sorry, for some weird reason Youtube made my video brighter. The colour is more true to the photo swatches!)

A small tip for Seche Vite topcoat users:
If you’re using Seche Vite topcoat, it’s best not to use more than one coat as it might cause shrinkage to the polish if you use too much or when used over dry polish. Seche Vite is meant to be used over wet polish, so shortly after you have applied your normal polishes without any glitters, use the topcoat to have the maximum result. Then you may ask what to do for glitter polishes. What I will do is that I will paint a layer of my Seche Clear basecoat over the fresh manicure first to fill up the gaps so that the surface will feel less gritty, and soon after I’d top it with Seche Vite. That should do the trick!


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