MAC Creme Shirelle

MAC Creme Shirelle is probably one of my oldest polishes! I love it soooooo much but I only have half a bottle left sadly ): I can’t find any swatches done by anyone as well! That’s just so weird cos nobody out there seems to own this too! Anyone knows of any dupes that I can replace it with in future?

Anyway, it is so old that the cap has caught on loads of dust and all but I have no idea how to get rid of it! I think MAC tried a little too hard to have some sort of rubberized cap (think Orly) but failed? Haha. I initially got a bottle of this for my best friend Jadyn for her 19th birthday (OMG that was SO long ago) and I ended up being tempted so I went to get myself a bottle too :X It is quite pricey, at SGD19 which is quite ridiculous for a normal creme polish but I just couldn’t resist, partly also cos the salesgirl told me it was discontinued. I think it’s a ruse to get me to purchase it though!! Not so dumb from now on anymore; I’ll always try to find dupes of colours I really love at the cheapest prices!

This was 2 coats. What a beautiful, perfect shade of red. I’m not usually a fan of red but it seems like I have been posting swatches on reds recently! Notice I took this swatch from my right hand? Haha it’s because of the nail art that I did and since I painted Creme Shirelle on my right hand, might as well take a photo and post it up as a swatch right? 😀 Any idea what nail art will I be doing with this? (Clue: Blockbuster movie for these few weekends!)

Will post up the nail art very soon, maybe after I wake up later 😀


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