Haul #1

I had a mini haul (ok not THAT mini hahaha) this week! Collected so many polishes from Genevieve haha! In future if I do have like a bulk of items coming in I’ll blog about it too so that you girls can expect what’s coming up in future 😀

(From L-R)

  • Milani Purple Outline (with a striper brush instead of a regular brush for nail art)
  • L.A Girl Animate (I expected this to be fuchsia and it turn out red but looks great anyway)
  • L.A Girl Uninhibited (BLACK GLITTER! Can’t wait to layer this over something!)
  • Milani Gems (just couldn’t resist. LOL)
  • Mood-changing polish in Teal (got it from F21.com. will update if it actually works!)

The China Glazes! (From L-R)

  • Papaya Punch (bright, almost neon orange)
  • Life Preserver (burnt orange is the IN colour now!)
  • Fairy Dust (pretty awesome holographic microglitter topcoat)
  • Calypso Blue (super dark blue)
  • Blue Island Iced Tea (half glass fleck, half foil?)

Look at how pretty Fairy Dust is from the bottle!!! /faints

Last but not least, I also received the new set of Bundlemonster stamping plates! There must be over a hundred designs in there and there are super alot of FULL NAIL PRINTS!! This set is much better than the old Bundlemonster set which I also have, because the full nail prints on the old set are smaller than these and I always have to double-stamp which sucks if I can’t match them up properly. I cannot wait to use all the designs!!

I now have a grand total of 53 plates omg. 25 from this new set, 21 from the old set, 4 from the original Konad brand, and 3 from an online supplier store. Don’t think I’ll ever be able to finish using them all!! O.O


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