Orly Halley’s Comet (Cosmic FX Collection)

I really need to improve my dictionary of words to describe polish because I always use the same words like ‘gorgeous’, ‘awesome’, ‘beautiful’ etc, but this Halley’s Comet is another one that really deserves this description!

Halley’s Comet is a turquoise blue glass fleck glitter with a duochrome green shimmer. This was 3 coats and they needed the 3 if not there will be VNL (visible nail line). The formula was good, very smooth and easy to apply! It is so shiny in real life! Whenever I wear it I feel like a mermaid hahaha cos it really gives off this oceanic vibe.

You can see the duochrome green shimmer here! hehehehe this really is so gorgeous and breathtaking! ❤

If you don’t already own this you really should go pick it up! Unless if you already have Zoya Charla or OPI Catch Me In Your Net, which I have in the mini version but I lent it to my best friend Jadyn so I can’t do a comparison on how similar they look but when I get it back in future, I’ll definitely post up a comparison!

Initially I got the OPI Catch Me In Your Net in the OPI Summer Flutter mini set, and the colour really wowed me! I wanted to get the full sized bottle later on but was told that it was discontinued, so knowing that Orly and Zoya both had a dupe, I decided on getting from either of them but settled on Orly instead cos Zoya is a little more pricey in Singapore ): Get it before they discontinue it from Orly or Zoya too! It’s too gorgeous to be missed 😀


Nfu Oh #051

Nfu Oh #051 is probably the most gorgeous polish i the world. I’m not kidding you. All the following pictures do not do this polish any justice at all. It is so gorgeous in real life! But you know, purple does freaky things to the camera so it is terribly difficult for me to photograph the true colour of this polish, sadly.

I think this is the only photo that shows the shade of purple that is almost like what it is in real life. This was 3 coats. The formula isn’t very good though, it takes ages to dry. Each coat has about 2 hours in between but each coat was still dentable after 2 hours which is super long! Look at the red flakes. Just look at it. They look like burning embers glowing through the royal purple jelly base. It’s just different using this on its own, as compared to layering it over a base colour like a black creme or something. The jelly base really makes the flakes look very well suspended! The flakes change into so many shades and I apologize for not being able to show you all the angles clearly.

Take note that the shade of purple in all the upcoming photos are not not true! I spammed photos so that I can show you the many shades of flakies that shows up!

Red flakies

Flakies transitioning from red, to orange, to yellow, to green

Flakies at it’s most extreme angle and we can see green flakes!

And I don’t know why but blue flakies can be seen here! This must be a really extreme angle cos I normally don’t see blue flakies in this polish!

I took about 70 photos just for this and none of them turned out to be what I wanted. I’m really upset that you won’t be able to see how gorgeous this is in real life! Videos didn’t do it justice as well so I won’t be posting one up despite meaning to ):

Although the formula sucks, it is still so worth getting!! No regrets about this cos its really soooooo gorgeous. Will anyone be interested in it if I am able to get hold of them at reasonable prices? 🙂

Nfu Oh #051, I hereby declare you the most gorgeous polish in the world.

Fauxnadicure: Cloth Prints

I’m so sick of thinking of what to write up for my assignment so I’m here to just blog this short post up since I promised yesterday but haven’t done so!

What I used (L-R):

  • Konad Special Polish in white
  • Bundlemonster BM201
  • Sinful Colors Mint Apple

I did this in a hurry, hence the slight smudges in the prints ): I’ve no idea why but this fauxnadicure looks like cloth prints when seen from afar! I can’t think of what piece of garment I saw this on but it is really deja vu for me when I saw it! The tips look terrible though, because my nails are a little too long for stamping now. I should have filed them down a little first, damn!

Sucks to be me because I won’t be able to change polish so often until next Monday after I submit my assignment! ): But please visit anyway, maybe re-read my posts or something until I post a new one okay? Hehehe!

Sinful Colors Mint Apple

I was contemplating on whether I should add this into my stash of green polishes for a long long time, but since I it was only USD1.99 without shipping, I didn’t manage to resist the temptation to get it! And now it’s probably one of my sister and my favourite greens 🙂

Mint Apple is a warm tone mint green creme with loads of gold and silver microglitter inside! This is such a special shade and I’ve never seen anything similar to this yet. None of the greens in my stash can even match up to this in terms of the shade. The formula is really excellent for such a cheap polish. I used two coats and they evened out perfectly. It was so smooth to apply that I didn’t even get any on my cuticles at all! That must be a first!


Pardon my ring finger’s redness, I’ve no idea why I developed two blisters on it ):

I stamped my nails the next day, and I’ll be posting the pictures up tomorrow so remember to check back 😀

Tutorial: How to remove glitter polishes

Everyone loves glitter and I’m no different but one thing that always deters us from applying glitter polish is the hateful removal process. Glitters are well-known to be terribly difficult to remove! And so, I’ve prepared a post on how to remove glitter so that no one has an excuse to not use glitter polish anymore! 😀

What you need:

  • Remover
  • Aluminium foil about the size of A4
  • 2 cotton pads

First, tear up the aluminium foil into 10 pieces to be used with 10 fingers. Each piece should be around 2″X3″ but you don’t have to measure with a ruler, just an approximation will do.

Next, cut up your cotton pads into 10 pieces as well. I deliberately cut 2 bigger pieces because my thumb nails are larger.

Wet your cotton pad with remover. Make sure it is soaked right through. I’m using a non-acetone remover, but you can use whatever remover you want.

Apply the soaked cotton pad to your last finger. I like to start from the last finger and work my way to my thumb though, but you can do it in any order you like.

Pick up a piece of aluminium foil and lay your finger down about 1-finger spacing from the edge, and 2-finger spacing from the top. Again, this is just an approximation so just estimate will do!

Wrap the side in and slowly roll the foil tightly around your finger. It MUST be tight so that the remover does not evaporate away.

It will look something like this after rolling it.

Fold the excess foil on the top downwards and make that tight as well.

After applying for all ten fingers it will look like that!

LOL alien hands. Leave this on for at least 20 minutes if you’re using a non-acetone remover. For pure acetone removers, I guess the time needed will be alot shorter but since I have never used it before I cannot advise how long you need, so just estimate. You will feel a slight burning sensation but that’s fine cos it’s just the alcohol lowering your finger temperature (I THINK, don’t quote me on that), it is not actually burning lol.

Before you take them off after 20 minutes, press down firmly at your nail area again and rub a little, and then slowly move the whole foil plus the cotton pad inside off your finger. You should see that most of the glitter is off your nail, except for some probably still hanging on around your cuticles. Just take another piece of cotton pad and clean them thoroughly, they should come off really easily by now.

You may find that this takes alot of time to execute, so usually I suggest doing it over some TV/video time, you can just watch your videos and wait while the remover works its magic!

No pictures of what my nails look like after pulling the foil off cos my nails are mad yellow, and I’m sure you won’t be returning to my blog after you’ve seen it hahaha. If you’re using pure acetone remover, please remember to moisturize cos pure acetone is terribly drying! Wait, actually you’re supposed to moisturize no matter what kind of remover you’re using so JUST MOISTURIZE!! 😀

That’s all for the tutorial! Let me know if it helps okay? 😀

Milani Gold (Jewel FX Collection)


“Omg your nails are so distracting”

“Wah, your nails are too hardcore”

“Your nails really SORRY!!!”

These are some of the responses that came from my friends because of my most crazy nails to date! Hahaha!

Milani Gold is a clear polish suspended with hexagonal gold glitter that are about 1mm in diameter each. Pardon my ring finger, I didn’t adjust the glitter properly at the tips 😦 It’s actually not that obvious in real life, because all the attention is taken away by the shine from the glitter! The tough part about using this polish is definitely the arranging of the glitter. You probably have to spam a bit so that they can cover every spot of your nail. To do it is very tedious, but I can assure you that the result is well worth it!!

Photo spam ahead!

Under my table light

In sunlight

The blurred photos are there to show you how crazily shiny it is! My nails are so hard from the glitter that they feel like gel nails. Try as I might, I can’t bend any of my nails! That’s seriously some cool shit going on 😛

We need a video here, don’t we?

Managed to take photos and videos in the sunlight this time round cos the weather is CRAZY HOT these few days ): I hope you like the crazy glitter nails but I’m guessing that it’s gonna be a BITCH to remove!! Maybe I’ll do a post on how to remove glitter polishes next 😀

Comparison: OPI Jade Is The New Black vs Essie Going Incognito

I originally only had Jade Is The New Black, and shortly after I ordered Going Incognito cos it looked much darker on Scrangie’s swatches. But when I received it, I was wondering why it looked so much like Jade Is The New Black! However this was only from the look of the bottle colour. I swatched it on my nail wheel and realized that they’re actually really different!

Pointer & Ring: OPI Jade Is The New Black
Middle & Pinky: Essie Going Incognito

Jade Is The New Black (shall call it JitNB from now on cos the name is too long zzz) is a warm shade of grassy green and Going Incognito (GI) is on the cooler side. GI is also a few tones darker than JitNB. Both shades are done in three coats. GI required only two coats to be opaque but I did three so that it’s consistent on all nails. JitNB needed the three coats because it is semi-jelly, hence it’s a little translucent. The good thing about jelly texture is that they dry super glossy! GI is definitely a creme though since it’s so opaque but it also dried pretty glossy 😀

Hope you enjoyed my comparison post! I’ll definitely do more in time to come 😀

National Day Manicure

It’s Singapore’s 46th birthday today and what better way to commemorate it than by giving myself a National Day Manicure right? 😀

What I used (clockwise from top left):

  • Sinful Colors Snow Me White
  • Eyeko Saucy Polish
  • The Face Shop Nail Art Pen
  • French Tip Guides (not shown)
  • Tape (not shown)

I did a half-moon manicure using red and white polish on my pointer, middle, ring and pinky fingers. My stupid French tip guides that I got from one of my Revlon packages sucked so bad and I couldn’t find the ones that Genevieve previously gave to me ): The Revlon guides weren’t curved enough and so I didn’t get a very curved half-moon ):

And of course I needed a Singapore flag on my thumb to really call it a National Day manicure right? 😀

I used the Face Shop Nail Art Pen to draw the moon and the stars. Haha I know the stars don’t look like stars at all!!

Happy National Day to all my fellow Singaporeans! (I only feel patriotic on this day every year :X )

Sinful Colors Snow Me White

Sinful Colors is a brand that people in Singapore don’t really know about cos it’s so difficult to get hold of their polishes here. Bet most of you didn’t hear of it before this right? 😀 They actually have a pretty large selection of shades, but it’s quite hard to find swatches so I don’t own many, though I heard they have some nice duochromes!

Snow Me White is a pure white polish. It has no tinge of cream or beige in it, and that makes it a very clean and neutral white. It is very common for white polishes to be streaky, and Snow Me White is no different. However, most whites are also very sheer. Now, this is the best part of Snow Me White cos it’s almost opaque at the first coat! Here I’ve used 2 coats and look how perfectly opaque it is 😀 It was streaky though, so this is with Seche Vite topcoat.

Seche Vite topcoat is freaking AWESOME because it is self-leveling! That means that even if you have super lousy application, or if the polish is very streaky, it will make it look even after applying it! I love it sooooooo much and use it TOO much that I have slightly less than half in my 4oz bottle already omg……. Need to stock up again soon!

OPI Silver Shatter (Pirates of the Carribean Collection)

I’m no big fan when it comes to crackle polishes. However, OPI was the first to do the Silver Shatter amongst all the other usual brands and it was so pretty, so naturally I can’t resist and snapped it up immediately. And by the way OPI, stop trying to act cool and give ‘different’ names to all the already-named types of crackle!! OPI Shatter, Nicole by OPI Texture Coat, Sephora by OPI Blasted. Wtf they’re all essentially the same thing why make it so confusing?!?! It is called crackle, NOT shatter (OR Texture Coat OR Blasted, for that matter)!!!! (The same goes out to all of you ‘shatter’ fans. STOP calling it shatter -.-)

I painted pretty thin coats over Orly Sapphire SIlk on my pointer, middle and ring fingers and the brush strokes were pretty obvious and there was less crackling at the tips of these 3 nails. My pinky had a slightly thicker coat, and it looks wayyyy more awesome like that! I like the crackle to be in large pieces instead of sparse little ones.

Oh and I really must say, I LOVE how it crackled on my thumb!! I used a thick coat here too, it crackled so beautifully ❤ I know the pattern of my crackle looks unusual, not like what people usually do. I painted the crackle diagonally, so that they would crackle diagonally. Crackle polishes crack in the direction of your brushstrokes.

I really hate the usual vertical strokes. I think they’re so ugly hahaha. I think mine’s cooler, don’t you think? 😀