Sinful Colors Snow Me White

Sinful Colors is a brand that people in Singapore don’t really know about cos it’s so difficult to get hold of their polishes here. Bet most of you didn’t hear of it before this right? 😀 They actually have a pretty large selection of shades, but it’s quite hard to find swatches so I don’t own many, though I heard they have some nice duochromes!

Snow Me White is a pure white polish. It has no tinge of cream or beige in it, and that makes it a very clean and neutral white. It is very common for white polishes to be streaky, and Snow Me White is no different. However, most whites are also very sheer. Now, this is the best part of Snow Me White cos it’s almost opaque at the first coat! Here I’ve used 2 coats and look how perfectly opaque it is 😀 It was streaky though, so this is with Seche Vite topcoat.

Seche Vite topcoat is freaking AWESOME because it is self-leveling! That means that even if you have super lousy application, or if the polish is very streaky, it will make it look even after applying it! I love it sooooooo much and use it TOO much that I have slightly less than half in my 4oz bottle already omg……. Need to stock up again soon!


4 thoughts on “Sinful Colors Snow Me White

  1. Hey I was wondering where you buy your sinful colours from? Im into nail art (have my own tumblr) and I’m constantly spending a fortune at… I have one sinful clour but cant remember where its from!

    • Hi, my friend ordered Sinful Colors for me from! is a bit overpriced sometimes, especially for OPI and China Glaze! I only order Orly from nailvibe. My friend does sprees from 8ty8beauty occasionally for OPI, China Glaze, Color Club, etc., her spree site is!

  2. Hi! May i know where did you purchase your Sinful Colors nail polish from? It’s so hard to find them here in Sg. Thanks in advance!

    • They’re indeed hard to find in Singapore! I got mine off, not too sure how it goes though cos it has always been my friend ordering!

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