Milani Gold (Jewel FX Collection)


“Omg your nails are so distracting”

“Wah, your nails are too hardcore”

“Your nails really SORRY!!!”

These are some of the responses that came from my friends because of my most crazy nails to date! Hahaha!

Milani Gold is a clear polish suspended with hexagonal gold glitter that are about 1mm in diameter each. Pardon my ring finger, I didn’t adjust the glitter properly at the tips 😦 It’s actually not that obvious in real life, because all the attention is taken away by the shine from the glitter! The tough part about using this polish is definitely the arranging of the glitter. You probably have to spam a bit so that they can cover every spot of your nail. To do it is very tedious, but I can assure you that the result is well worth it!!

Photo spam ahead!

Under my table light

In sunlight

The blurred photos are there to show you how crazily shiny it is! My nails are so hard from the glitter that they feel like gel nails. Try as I might, I can’t bend any of my nails! That’s seriously some cool shit going on πŸ˜›

We need a video here, don’t we?

Managed to take photos and videos in the sunlight this time round cos the weather is CRAZY HOT these few days ): I hope you like the crazy glitter nails but I’m guessing that it’s gonna be a BITCH to remove!! Maybe I’ll do a post on how to remove glitter polishes next πŸ˜€


10 thoughts on “Milani Gold (Jewel FX Collection)

    • i guess you can buy the glitter and use topcoat with it? but it might be a tad more tedious though, cos you gotta place the glitters bit by bit whereas for this Milani one you can just SPAMZ haha!
      perhaps you can try looking from the China Glaze 50 Specialty Glitters collection, i think they have some pretty awesome huge glitter too!

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