Tutorial: How to remove glitter polishes

Everyone loves glitter and I’m no different but one thing that always deters us from applying glitter polish is the hateful removal process. Glitters are well-known to be terribly difficult to remove! And so, I’ve prepared a post on how to remove glitter so that no one has an excuse to not use glitter polish anymore! 😀

What you need:

  • Remover
  • Aluminium foil about the size of A4
  • 2 cotton pads

First, tear up the aluminium foil into 10 pieces to be used with 10 fingers. Each piece should be around 2″X3″ but you don’t have to measure with a ruler, just an approximation will do.

Next, cut up your cotton pads into 10 pieces as well. I deliberately cut 2 bigger pieces because my thumb nails are larger.

Wet your cotton pad with remover. Make sure it is soaked right through. I’m using a non-acetone remover, but you can use whatever remover you want.

Apply the soaked cotton pad to your last finger. I like to start from the last finger and work my way to my thumb though, but you can do it in any order you like.

Pick up a piece of aluminium foil and lay your finger down about 1-finger spacing from the edge, and 2-finger spacing from the top. Again, this is just an approximation so just estimate will do!

Wrap the side in and slowly roll the foil tightly around your finger. It MUST be tight so that the remover does not evaporate away.

It will look something like this after rolling it.

Fold the excess foil on the top downwards and make that tight as well.

After applying for all ten fingers it will look like that!

LOL alien hands. Leave this on for at least 20 minutes if you’re using a non-acetone remover. For pure acetone removers, I guess the time needed will be alot shorter but since I have never used it before I cannot advise how long you need, so just estimate. You will feel a slight burning sensation but that’s fine cos it’s just the alcohol lowering your finger temperature (I THINK, don’t quote me on that), it is not actually burning lol.

Before you take them off after 20 minutes, press down firmly at your nail area again and rub a little, and then slowly move the whole foil plus the cotton pad inside off your finger. You should see that most of the glitter is off your nail, except for some probably still hanging on around your cuticles. Just take another piece of cotton pad and clean them thoroughly, they should come off really easily by now.

You may find that this takes alot of time to execute, so usually I suggest doing it over some TV/video time, you can just watch your videos and wait while the remover works its magic!

No pictures of what my nails look like after pulling the foil off cos my nails are mad yellow, and I’m sure you won’t be returning to my blog after you’ve seen it hahaha. If you’re using pure acetone remover, please remember to moisturize cos pure acetone is terribly drying! Wait, actually you’re supposed to moisturize no matter what kind of remover you’re using so JUST MOISTURIZE!! 😀

That’s all for the tutorial! Let me know if it helps okay? 😀


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