American Apparel Haul

Hi! Today I have for you a short post. By short I mean reallyyyyyyy short cos there’s only one photo! I just submitted a 40% essay today and decided I need a couple of hours to chill before I start studying for my test on Thursday ):

Top row: Neon Green
Middle row: Butter & Mouse
Bottom row: Hunter, Make Up & Malibu Green

Anyway, this is my American Apparel haul! My best friend Jeremy is currently studying in the US and his parents went over to settle him down before flying back, so he helped me buy these American Apparel polishes from the American Apparel store there! They’re of the same prices as online, but I saved on the shipping 😀 I picked it up from his mum last week and I’m so glad to have new polishes cos they make me wanna hurry up and finish my essays! LOL =X

I’ve tried these colours on my nail wheels already and omg why does Hunter look a little like Essie Going Incognito? Hunter is a slightly more grassy forest green, and Going Incognito is cooler! Non-lacquerheads may not be able to tell the difference though. I’m super loving the Neon Green!!! It’s so neon and bright that I may need sunglasses to look at it! Malibu Green is such an awesome teal green, even though I have 15 green cremes, none of them looks similar to it at all.

Mouse is a shade that I read that may be a dupe for Orly’s Country Club Khaki, which is already discontinued and is a shade that I really really want but cannot find anywhere! So upsetting ): But now with Mouse, my search is complete! ❤ Make Up is somewhat a shade of brick but with a tinge of brown? I can’t quite describe it! Maybe I should look at more colour charts to learn how to describe colours? Haha. Butter REALLY looks like butter. ‘Nuff said.

Bye, I’m back to my books and hopefully will be back soon (most likely when I’m really stressed and need a breather! LOL)