Nfu Oh #051

Nfu Oh #051 is probably the most gorgeous polish i the world. I’m not kidding you. All the following pictures do not do this polish any justice at all. It is so gorgeous in real life! But you know, purple does freaky things to the camera so it is terribly difficult for me to photograph the true colour of this polish, sadly.

I think this is the only photo that shows the shade of purple that is almost like what it is in real life. This was 3 coats. The formula isn’t very good though, it takes ages to dry. Each coat has about 2 hours in between but each coat was still dentable after 2 hours which is super long! Look at the red flakes. Just look at it. They look like burning embers glowing through the royal purple jelly base. It’s just different using this on its own, as compared to layering it over a base colour like a black creme or something. The jelly base really makes the flakes look very well suspended! The flakes change into so many shades and I apologize for not being able to show you all the angles clearly.

Take note that the shade of purple in all the upcoming photos are not not true! I spammed photos so that I can show you the many shades of flakies that shows up!

Red flakies

Flakies transitioning from red, to orange, to yellow, to green

Flakies at it’s most extreme angle and we can see green flakes!

And I don’t know why but blue flakies can be seen here! This must be a really extreme angle cos I normally don’t see blue flakies in this polish!

I took about 70 photos just for this and none of them turned out to be what I wanted. I’m really upset that you won’t be able to see how gorgeous this is in real life! Videos didn’t do it justice as well so I won’t be posting one up despite meaning to ):

Although the formula sucks, it is still so worth getting!! No regrets about this cos its really soooooo gorgeous. Will anyone be interested in it if I am able to get hold of them at reasonable prices? 🙂

Nfu Oh #051, I hereby declare you the most gorgeous polish in the world.


Nfu Oh #066

As I’ve said before, I’m obsessed about holos. Hence Nfu Oh #066 is the first one I tried from my Nfu Oh haul 😀

Oh and I used the Nfu Oh Cuticle Remover right before this, and it was SO AWESOME! The bits of cuticle came off so easily, I hardly had to use any force to dig them out 😀

Nfu Oh #066 is a seafoam green holo. As you can see, its holographic pattern is linear. The colours in the holo are all very obvious and clear-cut. There is another kind of holo called the scattered holo, which I also have and will swatch them in future 😀

This was 3 coats. It was very smooth to apply only on the first coat. Subsequent coats caused bald spots, that’s why I used a third coat to even it out. I used it without basecoat because holos do not stain. However, as all holos are, it was very chippy. It chipped when I went to shower! ): Even wrapping my tips didn’t help. That’s why I need the Aqua Base! Apparently it extends the wear time of holos and aids in the application, causing little or no bald spots. I NEED IT ):

Anyway, spam of photos coming right up!

The next two photos are slightly under-exposed, to show the awesomeness of the holo 😀

And a close-up shot!
And of course we need to see a video of this, don’t we? 😀

I think people usually don’t get my obsession over holos because they’ve only seen pictures of them. It is most spectacular when seen in person, under sunlight. I wanted to take photos and videos in the sunlight but it has been raining so much these 2 days, and my manicure didn’t hold out for long. I hate chipped polish; it is one of my greatest pet peeves! Chipped polish makes one look unkempt and untidy; it’s like not touching up your hair roots when your dyed hair grows out.

Since it chipped, there was no reason why I should continue wearing it so I had no choice but to take it off ):

Haul #2

My friend, Nicole went to the US recently and of course I couldn’t resist ordering some Nfu Ohs (pronounced as En-Fu-Oh) and getting them sent to her so that she could bring them home to me! She passed them to me yesterday, and I really cannot wait to try them all out!!!!


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  • #063
  • #065
  • #066
  • Cuticle Remover

From what I know, the Nfu Oh Cuticle Remover is the best one ever! Everyone in the polish blogging community can’t stop raving about it so I can’t pass it on, can I? 😀

LOOK AT THIS GORGEOUS BEAUTY!!!! The Nfu Oh #051 (they really should give their polishes some names, I’m so much better at remembering polish names than polish numbers lol) is a gorgeous royal purple jelly with super alot of colours of flakies!!! WTF I’m fainting from its beauty……

The myriad of colours that can be seen from the bottle!!! WTF there is red, fuchsia, orange, yellow, green, turquoise and blue!!! Seriously it’s like a rainbow omggggggg /faints again

These are the super gorgeous Nfu Oh holos! Everyone who knows about my polish craze will know that I’m a fanatic when it comes to holos. I really cannot get enough of them!! I wanted #061 (silver holo) as well, sadly it was out of stock on the site when I was gonna order! ): I just saw the website again, and now even #065 (blue holo) is not on the page anymore!! Luckily I ordered it!

It is said that the Nfu Oh holos work best with Nfu Oh’s Aqua Base, but it was also out of stock on the website for the longest time ):):):):):): BUT NEVER MIND, my best friend Jeremy is now in the US!! I can send it to him once they restock! YAY!

Notice the shape of the bottles? They are corset gowns! The front part of the cap is the boobs and torso part, the back of the cap has the corset strings! And of course, the polish bottle and the polish inside is the skirting. WTF. How can they design such pretty bottles?? I wish I could put them up for display….


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  • #115
  • #060
  • #038

These weren’t part of the haul that I’ve gotten from the US. I previously gotten them from a manicure parlour in Wisma in December last year. They were getting rid of them at super cheap prices!! The lady sold #040 to me for SGD18 cos it was almost a brand new bottle, #060 at SGD15 cos it was 3/4 used, #038 at SGD10 cos it was almost half-used and gave me #052 and #115 for free cos there was less than a quarter left! I was really super happy that day cos I finally managed to lay my hands on these gems!!

I went to the local distributor for Nfu Oh before, and they sold every polish for SGD45! WTF what a total ripoff!!! The best way to lay your hands on these is to get them sent to a friend in US and get them to bring it back! And no, don’t bother trying to get them via Vpost or CGW because nail polish is a prohibited item and they will not ship it ):

You know I’m crazy when I buy polish remover in bulk. This is one gallon, which is almost four litres. LOL! BUT it is seriously cheaper by the gallon! I save super alot by getting this amount hahahaha 😀 This is the non-acetone one. I firmly believe in using non-acetone removers because they are less drying to the nails and skin (: It takes a longer time though, but it is worth the time spent in exchange for less dry nails and skin!

And of course I needed a bottle to contain it and where better than to get it from Genevieve? Actually more like she offered to give me one of them! So sweet of her right! So you girls really have to hop on over to her blog cos she has the best rates for all the nail polish that you want! 😀