Comparison: OPI Jade Is The New Black vs Essie Going Incognito

I originally only had Jade Is The New Black, and shortly after I ordered Going Incognito cos it looked much darker on Scrangie’s swatches. But when I received it, I was wondering why it looked so much like Jade Is The New Black! However this was only from the look of the bottle colour. I swatched it on my nail wheel and realized that they’re actually really different!

Pointer & Ring: OPI Jade Is The New Black
Middle & Pinky: Essie Going Incognito

Jade Is The New Black (shall call it JitNB from now on cos the name is too long zzz) is a warm shade of grassy green and Going Incognito (GI) is on the cooler side. GI is also a few tones darker than JitNB. Both shades are done in three coats. GI required only two coats to be opaque but I did three so that it’s consistent on all nails. JitNB needed the three coats because it is semi-jelly, hence it’s a little translucent. The good thing about jelly texture is that they dry super glossy! GI is definitely a creme though since it’s so opaque but it also dried pretty glossy πŸ˜€

Hope you enjoyed my comparison post! I’ll definitely do more in time to come πŸ˜€


OPI Silver Shatter (Pirates of the Carribean Collection)

I’m no big fan when it comes to crackle polishes. However, OPI was the first to do the Silver Shatter amongst all the other usual brands and it was so pretty, so naturally I can’t resist and snapped it up immediately. And by the way OPI, stop trying to act cool and give ‘different’ names to all the already-named types of crackle!! OPI Shatter, Nicole by OPI Texture Coat, Sephora by OPI Blasted. Wtf they’re all essentially the same thing why make it so confusing?!?! It is called crackle, NOT shatter (OR Texture Coat OR Blasted, for that matter)!!!! (The same goes out to all of you ‘shatter’ fans. STOP calling it shatter -.-)

I painted pretty thin coats over Orly Sapphire SIlk on my pointer, middle and ring fingers and the brush strokes were pretty obvious and there was less crackling at the tips of these 3 nails. My pinky had a slightly thicker coat, and it looks wayyyy more awesome like that! I like the crackle to be in large pieces instead of sparse little ones.

Oh and I really must say, I LOVE how it crackled on my thumb!! I used a thick coat here too, it crackled so beautifully ❀ I know the pattern of my crackle looks unusual, not like what people usually do. I painted the crackle diagonally, so that they would crackle diagonally. Crackle polishes crack in the direction of your brushstrokes.

I really hate the usual vertical strokes. I think they’re so ugly hahaha. I think mine’s cooler, don’t you think? πŸ˜€

OPI Guy Meets Gal-veston (Texas Collection)

I ruined my manicure at work two days ago because a retarded customer broke a bottle of nail polish and I had to clean up the mess using wet wipes which stained almost all the fingers on my right hand ): So, since I just received Guy Meets Gal-veston from Genevieve last week, I decided to give it a try!

Guy Meets Gal-veston is a coral red jelly. OPI calls it ‘sorbet’, I really have no idea why cos it’s just a normal sheer jelly! Trying to act cute by giving it a ‘different’ name, is it? Hahaha.Β Anyway, it is much cooler-toned than in my pictures. I’m super loving the squishy look that the jelly gives cos it is translucent. This was four coats because I hate seeing my visible nail line. The formula was smooth and easy to apply, but somehow I feel that OPI polishes do not dry as fast as all my other polishes and it chipped slightly within a few hours ):

Oh and did I mention how much I dislike the OPI brush? They use the Pro-Wide brush which is almost twice the width of the usual polish brushes and it is flat, unlike usual polish brushes which are round. I don’t like it because it is too wide to be used on my tiny nails, especially my little finger as the brush was of the same width as my nail! The flat and wide brush also means that it is hard to make the bristles fan out nicely to paint a nice curve at the cuticles. I am super anal about this because I hate messing up at my cuticles (which I rarely do anymore).

The reason why I call Guy Meets Gal-veston a jelly instead of a creme is because they have very obvious differences. Cremes are usually two-coaters but jellies usually need at least three coats. As you can see from the picture above, the metal mixing balls can be seen meaning that it’s very sheer. This usually doesn’t happen to cremes. So why do I choose to use a jelly instead of a creme? To me, a jelly looks more yummy and squishy than a creme, which looks more flat and lifeless hahaha. I think this is my next favourite red after China Glaze Ruby Pumps! πŸ˜€

If you’re my close friend, you’d know that I really dislike OPI on the whole because of how overhyped it is. Their recent collections are nothing but boring. People might think otherwise cos of the Shatters but I really am not a big fan of the crackle look. Besides, crackle has been around for the longest time, just that it wasn’t widely marketed hence the lack of knowledge of it, making people think that it’s some sort of new effect. That is why I only own the OPI Silver Shatter and China Glaze Crackle Glaze Lightning Bolt, a white crackle polish.

On the whole, I still very much prefer my holos, glitter and flakies! I’ll be posting swatches of those in time to come, plus videos of how they look when moving under light. I’m gonna be doing nail art again for the weekend pretty soon! It’s gonna be a cool one I promise so stay tuned! πŸ˜€

Nail Art

Nail art is pretty to look at, yet super tedious to execute. Since I’m a right-hander, it is always easier for me to draw nicely for the nails on my left hand, and those on my right hand always turn out so ugly cos I’ve lousy control over my left hand ): So far, I’ve done a couple of crazy-cute nail art for myself! Here are the pics (:

My very first full-fledged cartoon manicure, the Penguin Manicure! I think this was particularly challenging when I had to draw the nails on my right hand. It was so hard to get the ‘M’ shaped curve on top! But the final results was so awesome cos they turned out so cute! I got many many compliments for this! Haha.

What I used:

  • White: Sinful Colors Snow Me White
  • Black: The Face Shop nail art pen (this is surprisingly good! very fine and opaque but my friend accidentally spoilt it, haha)
  • Orange: OPI Flit A Bit
  • Pink: Orly Cotton Candy

The next nail art that I did was of Domo-kun! This was inspired from The Daily Nail! The most difficult part of this manicure was drawing those stupid white teeth!! My best friend, Jadyn and I spent so much time just helping each other draw the little triangles that made up the teeth cos the nail art pen kept stringing the polish (it probably is too thick).

For the mouth, we taped off the sides with tape and painted the little rectangle with red polish, but the polish kept sticking to the sides of the tape when I’m pulling the tape off! What a chore!! But I’m really glad it turned out so cute haha and yes, we both got many compliments for it too (:

Shaohui's Domo-kun ManicureMy sister, Shaohui did the Domos with us too but for her she only did the thumbs, and I wrote ‘Domo-kun’ in Japanese for the rest of her fingers (I can’t actually write Japanese, I copied it off Google Translate HAHA). It was very cute too!

What we used:

  • Brown: Nubar Milk Chocolate Creme
  • Red: MAC Creme Shirelle
  • Black (for the eyes): The Face Shop nail art pen
  • White: The Face Shop nail art pen
  • and loads of tape :p

After all that nail art (and how a chore it was to draw the same thing 10 times), I was sick of it and stopped doing nail art for 1.5 months. Partially also because I was waiting for my Zoya haul to arrive so that I can do some Pikachu nails!

Aren’t they cute?!?!?! Hahaha! These were inspired by Nails by Asami! By this time, my nail art pen was spoilt, so I wanted to use my dotting tool to draw the faces but it was so damn hard! I gave up and used markers to draw instead. LOL. It was super easy to do this set cos with markers the ink just flows easily, unlike using a nail art pen where I have to keep squeezing the tube to let the polish flow out, or using a dotting tool where I have to keep dipping it into the bottle so many times. The only downside of it was that I should have waited longer before painting topcoat, because it smudged some parts of my manicure ): But maybe I smudged it by spreading topcoat too many times at the same spot :/

What I used:

  • Yellow: Zoya Pippa
  • Red & Black: Pilot Twin Markers
  • White: The Face Shop nail art pen

Last but not least, I did Strawberry nails with Shaohui again! I wanted them to look upright when holding onto a polish bottle so I decided to paint the green first. What a bad idea this was. When the red went over the green, it became SO DULL! I had to paint an additional thick coat of it to make it look more opaque. The results were still awesome nonetheless! I can has cute strawbie nails πŸ˜€

What I used:

  • Green: Orly Fresh
  • Red: Eyeko Coral Polish
  • Silver: The Face Shop nail art pen

Sadly, once school starts I may not have a chance to spend 3 hours drawing on my nails anymore. But I can still Konad-stamp my nails πŸ˜€ Stay tuned for posts on my Konad-ed nails!