Sinful Colors Mint Apple

I was contemplating on whether I should add this into my stash of green polishes for a long long time, but since I it was only USD1.99 without shipping, I didn’t manage to resist the temptation to get it! And now it’s probably one of my sister and my favourite greens 🙂

Mint Apple is a warm tone mint green creme with loads of gold and silver microglitter inside! This is such a special shade and I’ve never seen anything similar to this yet. None of the greens in my stash can even match up to this in terms of the shade. The formula is really excellent for such a cheap polish. I used two coats and they evened out perfectly. It was so smooth to apply that I didn’t even get any on my cuticles at all! That must be a first!


Pardon my ring finger’s redness, I’ve no idea why I developed two blisters on it ):

I stamped my nails the next day, and I’ll be posting the pictures up tomorrow so remember to check back 😀


Comparison: OPI Jade Is The New Black vs Essie Going Incognito

I originally only had Jade Is The New Black, and shortly after I ordered Going Incognito cos it looked much darker on Scrangie’s swatches. But when I received it, I was wondering why it looked so much like Jade Is The New Black! However this was only from the look of the bottle colour. I swatched it on my nail wheel and realized that they’re actually really different!

Pointer & Ring: OPI Jade Is The New Black
Middle & Pinky: Essie Going Incognito

Jade Is The New Black (shall call it JitNB from now on cos the name is too long zzz) is a warm shade of grassy green and Going Incognito (GI) is on the cooler side. GI is also a few tones darker than JitNB. Both shades are done in three coats. GI required only two coats to be opaque but I did three so that it’s consistent on all nails. JitNB needed the three coats because it is semi-jelly, hence it’s a little translucent. The good thing about jelly texture is that they dry super glossy! GI is definitely a creme though since it’s so opaque but it also dried pretty glossy 😀

Hope you enjoyed my comparison post! I’ll definitely do more in time to come 😀

Sinful Colors Snow Me White

Sinful Colors is a brand that people in Singapore don’t really know about cos it’s so difficult to get hold of their polishes here. Bet most of you didn’t hear of it before this right? 😀 They actually have a pretty large selection of shades, but it’s quite hard to find swatches so I don’t own many, though I heard they have some nice duochromes!

Snow Me White is a pure white polish. It has no tinge of cream or beige in it, and that makes it a very clean and neutral white. It is very common for white polishes to be streaky, and Snow Me White is no different. However, most whites are also very sheer. Now, this is the best part of Snow Me White cos it’s almost opaque at the first coat! Here I’ve used 2 coats and look how perfectly opaque it is 😀 It was streaky though, so this is with Seche Vite topcoat.

Seche Vite topcoat is freaking AWESOME because it is self-leveling! That means that even if you have super lousy application, or if the polish is very streaky, it will make it look even after applying it! I love it sooooooo much and use it TOO much that I have slightly less than half in my 4oz bottle already omg……. Need to stock up again soon!

Orly Sapphire Silk (Precious Collection)

I loved this shade ever since I saw the swatches on Scrangie and I knew I had to get it! I didn’t own any teal shades prior to this though now I also have Zoya Breezi, a lighter shade of teal but leaning more towards blue. I got it from Nailvibe during their summer sale instead of my trusty friend Genevieve because 8ty8beauty no longer stocks up on Orly colours ): And it’s too expensive to get from Transdesign so getting from Nailvibe was my safest bet (:

Sapphire Silk is a dark teal creme. It doesn’t look like silk to me, much less sapphire. This was two coats. The opacity was really good but the formula was really bad! It was sooooooo watery but thick and that equals to a fail formula. I added Seche Restore so that it is easier for me to apply. I smudged it all over my cuticles this time round (which I hardly ever do) and it’s so saddening cos I had to spend extra time cleaning up.

Damn the new formula!! All my older Orly polishes have really awesome formula. What happened to you, Sapphire Silk???

China Glaze Calypso Blue (Bahama Blues Collection)

If you already read my previous post, this is one of the newest polish in my collection 😀 I don’t think I can ever get enough of blues (and greens and purples. actually just polish in general lol) and currently I have 24 bottles of blue polish :O

China Glaze Calypso Blue is a very dark navy blue creme. This was one of the first few collections that China Glaze made that is Big 3 Free. You can read this post by Michelle from All Lacquered Up if you’re interested in the technicality of it. I mentioned that this was one of the first batches of Big 3 Free polishes because China Glaze couldn’t quite get the formula right then, hence this polish was watery, yet goopy and stringy when applied. It was unbelievably thick for a brand new polish so I had no choice but to thin it with my Seche Restore thinner.

After thinning, it became so smooth to apply! 😀 If I painted one coat very carefully I could get away with it, but I did two so that they will be more even. China Glaze has since reformulated their polish and most of the newer ones are a breeze to apply (:

This shade of dark navy blue is slightly darker in real life. It kinda looks like NARS Midnight Express after the application. It is also much darker as compared to OPI Dating A Royal. It still manages to be unique because although it is very dark, it doesn’t look black unlike how some dark polish shades appear to be. And this will be perfect as a stamping polish cos it’s so opaque!

MAC Creme Shirelle

MAC Creme Shirelle is probably one of my oldest polishes! I love it soooooo much but I only have half a bottle left sadly ): I can’t find any swatches done by anyone as well! That’s just so weird cos nobody out there seems to own this too! Anyone knows of any dupes that I can replace it with in future?

Anyway, it is so old that the cap has caught on loads of dust and all but I have no idea how to get rid of it! I think MAC tried a little too hard to have some sort of rubberized cap (think Orly) but failed? Haha. I initially got a bottle of this for my best friend Jadyn for her 19th birthday (OMG that was SO long ago) and I ended up being tempted so I went to get myself a bottle too :X It is quite pricey, at SGD19 which is quite ridiculous for a normal creme polish but I just couldn’t resist, partly also cos the salesgirl told me it was discontinued. I think it’s a ruse to get me to purchase it though!! Not so dumb from now on anymore; I’ll always try to find dupes of colours I really love at the cheapest prices!

This was 2 coats. What a beautiful, perfect shade of red. I’m not usually a fan of red but it seems like I have been posting swatches on reds recently! Notice I took this swatch from my right hand? Haha it’s because of the nail art that I did and since I painted Creme Shirelle on my right hand, might as well take a photo and post it up as a swatch right? 😀 Any idea what nail art will I be doing with this? (Clue: Blockbuster movie for these few weekends!)

Will post up the nail art very soon, maybe after I wake up later 😀

Essie Going Incognito (Winter 2010 Collection)

Essie usually only does very boring reds, pinks and nudes, but when they do come up with funky colours like green, blue and purple, it’ll always be worthy to own them!

This was 2 coats. After putting it on, I realized it does kinda look like OPI Jade Is The New Black, which I’ve worn about half a year ago so no nice swatches. I’ll do a comparison the next time but let me try describing the difference. After observing them off my nail wheel, I found that Going Incognito is just very slightly darker than Jade Is The New Black. Going Incognito is also on the cooler side, while Jade Is The New Black is of a warmer tone.

Essie’s brushes are of medium length but very thin, so quite alot of strokes were needed for each nail, though it’s not an issue for me since I have pretty small nails. The formula for Going Incognito was slightly runnier than Jade Is The New Black. I love the Essie bottles so much cos of the embossed ‘essie’ on the bottle and the embossed ‘e’ on the top of the bottle cap! Overall, I prefer the darker shade of Going Incognito cos it just looks more mysterious!