Nfu Oh #066

As I’ve said before, I’m obsessed about holos. Hence Nfu Oh #066 is the first one I tried from my Nfu Oh haul 😀

Oh and I used the Nfu Oh Cuticle Remover right before this, and it was SO AWESOME! The bits of cuticle came off so easily, I hardly had to use any force to dig them out 😀

Nfu Oh #066 is a seafoam green holo. As you can see, its holographic pattern is linear. The colours in the holo are all very obvious and clear-cut. There is another kind of holo called the scattered holo, which I also have and will swatch them in future 😀

This was 3 coats. It was very smooth to apply only on the first coat. Subsequent coats caused bald spots, that’s why I used a third coat to even it out. I used it without basecoat because holos do not stain. However, as all holos are, it was very chippy. It chipped when I went to shower! ): Even wrapping my tips didn’t help. That’s why I need the Aqua Base! Apparently it extends the wear time of holos and aids in the application, causing little or no bald spots. I NEED IT ):

Anyway, spam of photos coming right up!

The next two photos are slightly under-exposed, to show the awesomeness of the holo 😀

And a close-up shot!
And of course we need to see a video of this, don’t we? 😀

I think people usually don’t get my obsession over holos because they’ve only seen pictures of them. It is most spectacular when seen in person, under sunlight. I wanted to take photos and videos in the sunlight but it has been raining so much these 2 days, and my manicure didn’t hold out for long. I hate chipped polish; it is one of my greatest pet peeves! Chipped polish makes one look unkempt and untidy; it’s like not touching up your hair roots when your dyed hair grows out.

Since it chipped, there was no reason why I should continue wearing it so I had no choice but to take it off ):