Fauxnadicure: Cloth Prints

I’m so sick of thinking of what to write up for my assignment so I’m here to just blog this short post up since I promised yesterday but haven’t done so!

What I used (L-R):

  • Konad Special Polish in white
  • Bundlemonster BM201
  • Sinful Colors Mint Apple

I did this in a hurry, hence the slight smudges in the prints ): I’ve no idea why but this fauxnadicure looks like cloth prints when seen from afar! I can’t think of what piece of garment I saw this on but it is really deja vu for me when I saw it! The tips look terrible though, because my nails are a little too long for stamping now. I should have filed them down a little first, damn!

Sucks to be me because I won’t be able to change polish so often until next Monday after I submit my assignment! ): But please visit anyway, maybe re-read my posts or something until I post a new one okay? Hehehe!


Fauxnadicure: Leopard Pweenz

What is a Fauxnadicure?

The brand that originally came up with the idea of nail stamping is Konad, which stands for Korean Nail Art Design. There are, however, many other manufacturers that started making the same thing but of different designs. From then on, these are called Fauxnad. In the nail polish blogging community, a manicure done with Konad is often called a Konadicure. Hence, if a manicure is done with Fauxnad then it will be called a Fauxnadicure 😀

What I used (L-R):

  • China Glaze Millenium
  • Bundlemonster BM 221
  • China Glaze Calypso Blue

Without topcoat

With topcoat

I love how fuss-free a Fauxnadicure is. This is really simple to do if you have all the tools (stamper, scraper, remover, cotton pads) and polishes that are opaque. For example, here I’m using China Glaze Millenium to stamp. It is a one-coater chrome polish that is very opaque, yet a little hard to work with because it dries lightning-fast. In nail stamping, the key to succeeding is to work really fast before the polish dries up on the plate or on the stamper (:

It is difficult for me to explain verbally on how to execute this but IF in future I do get enough requests, I may do up a tutorial on how to do a Konadicure/Fauxnadicure 🙂

P.S Vicks I know you’ll be reading this and I know you’d love this so much! Hahaha!!

Haul #1

I had a mini haul (ok not THAT mini hahaha) this week! Collected so many polishes from Genevieve haha! In future if I do have like a bulk of items coming in I’ll blog about it too so that you girls can expect what’s coming up in future 😀

(From L-R)

  • Milani Purple Outline (with a striper brush instead of a regular brush for nail art)
  • L.A Girl Animate (I expected this to be fuchsia and it turn out red but looks great anyway)
  • L.A Girl Uninhibited (BLACK GLITTER! Can’t wait to layer this over something!)
  • Milani Gems (just couldn’t resist. LOL)
  • Mood-changing polish in Teal (got it from F21.com. will update if it actually works!)

The China Glazes! (From L-R)

  • Papaya Punch (bright, almost neon orange)
  • Life Preserver (burnt orange is the IN colour now!)
  • Fairy Dust (pretty awesome holographic microglitter topcoat)
  • Calypso Blue (super dark blue)
  • Blue Island Iced Tea (half glass fleck, half foil?)

Look at how pretty Fairy Dust is from the bottle!!! /faints

Last but not least, I also received the new set of Bundlemonster stamping plates! There must be over a hundred designs in there and there are super alot of FULL NAIL PRINTS!! This set is much better than the old Bundlemonster set which I also have, because the full nail prints on the old set are smaller than these and I always have to double-stamp which sucks if I can’t match them up properly. I cannot wait to use all the designs!!

I now have a grand total of 53 plates omg. 25 from this new set, 21 from the old set, 4 from the original Konad brand, and 3 from an online supplier store. Don’t think I’ll ever be able to finish using them all!! O.O