OPI Silver Shatter (Pirates of the Carribean Collection)

I’m no big fan when it comes to crackle polishes. However, OPI was the first to do the Silver Shatter amongst all the other usual brands and it was so pretty, so naturally I can’t resist and snapped it up immediately. And by the way OPI, stop trying to act cool and give ‘different’ names to all the already-named types of crackle!! OPI Shatter, Nicole by OPI Texture Coat, Sephora by OPI Blasted. Wtf they’re all essentially the same thing why make it so confusing?!?! It is called crackle, NOT shatter (OR Texture Coat OR Blasted, for that matter)!!!! (The same goes out to all of you ‘shatter’ fans. STOP calling it shatter -.-)

I painted pretty thin coats over Orly Sapphire SIlk on my pointer, middle and ring fingers and the brush strokes were pretty obvious and there was less crackling at the tips of these 3 nails. My pinky had a slightly thicker coat, and it looks wayyyy more awesome like that! I like the crackle to be in large pieces instead of sparse little ones.

Oh and I really must say, I LOVE how it crackled on my thumb!! I used a thick coat here too, it crackled so beautifully ❤ I know the pattern of my crackle looks unusual, not like what people usually do. I painted the crackle diagonally, so that they would crackle diagonally. Crackle polishes crack in the direction of your brushstrokes.

I really hate the usual vertical strokes. I think they’re so ugly hahaha. I think mine’s cooler, don’t you think? 😀


Orly Sapphire Silk (Precious Collection)

I loved this shade ever since I saw the swatches on Scrangie and I knew I had to get it! I didn’t own any teal shades prior to this though now I also have Zoya Breezi, a lighter shade of teal but leaning more towards blue. I got it from Nailvibe during their summer sale instead of my trusty friend Genevieve because 8ty8beauty no longer stocks up on Orly colours ): And it’s too expensive to get from Transdesign so getting from Nailvibe was my safest bet (:

Sapphire Silk is a dark teal creme. It doesn’t look like silk to me, much less sapphire. This was two coats. The opacity was really good but the formula was really bad! It was sooooooo watery but thick and that equals to a fail formula. I added Seche Restore so that it is easier for me to apply. I smudged it all over my cuticles this time round (which I hardly ever do) and it’s so saddening cos I had to spend extra time cleaning up.

Damn the new formula!! All my older Orly polishes have really awesome formula. What happened to you, Sapphire Silk???